Nintendo continues to trim prices of its handheld consoles, and the portable 2DS will be available for purchase at only $80, starting May 20.

What is more, the dual-screen console will also come with Mario Kart 7, pre-installed.

For gamers motivated to keep playing on the go, the 2DS represents an affordable way to tap into the full 3DS library of games. You should also know that some backward-compatible titles from the original DS will work on the 2DS.

Nintendo 2DS came out in 2013 at a price point of $130, but the company decided to make it more budget friendly two years later. In August 2015, the 2DS started selling for $99.99 and it is good to see the trend continuing.

The 2DS will soon sell for $80, but the system comes with some caveats. First off, the console misses the stereoscopic 3D from the Nintendo 3DS, it has a slate-like design that some call a bit uncomfortable, and the display size is smaller than the newer variant. A few games that require the 3DS chipset will not run on the 2DS.

The offer shines when compared with the newest 3DS XL, which asks customers to shell out $200 for it. The new price also comes way lower than a used 3DS, which costs $120 at GameStop. The reduced price of the 2DS makes it a great investment, especially for those who are new to the ecosystem. The console supports more than 500 3DS games, as much as thousands of original DS games, not to mention the downloadable Virtual Console titles that can be found in the back catalog of Nintendo.

One thing the 2DS lacks, though, is the NFC-reading tech from the new 3DS consoles. However, a reader can be purchased separately, allowing the NFC to play nice with the (now extremely affordable) 2DS.

New Games

Nintendo has announced another gift in the form of two new games, dubbed Disney Magical World 2 and Style Savvy: Fashion Forward.

Fashion Forward is the most recent installment in the Style Savvy franchise and will be up for grabs on Aug. 19. In the title, players will be able to choose, match and accessorize over 19,000 different articles of clothing, items, and accessories. Fashion Forward comes with Amiibo support, meaning gamers can select from a wide assortment of fashion items belonging to iconic Nintendo characters.

In Magical World 2, gamers embark on adventures from six Disney-themed worlds. We will go on a limb and say that one of the most popular fantasy worlds will be the one based on Frozen, the animated movie that caused quite some hype. Gamers of all ages will rejoice to see iconic Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Ariel, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck.

For the Magical World 2, Nintendo fans have to muster some patience, as the game arrives on Oct. 14.

In related news, the next console Nintendo is working on is dubbed NX, and rumors hint that the device might be a hybrid between a console and a mobile device. Insiders from the company suggest that the system will go on sale in March next year.

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