Although the fate of Eren, Mikasa, Armin and others hangs in the balance, Attack on Titan fans might not find out what happens next to these beloved characters for at least another year.

Although the anime series' second season was originally slated for 2016, it now seems that it won't be released until 2017.

SelectaVision, a home video and streaming distributor, recently stated that season two in 2016 just won't happen. Also, an interview with Mission Tokyo, as well as a Facebook comment, suggests that Attack on Titan manga publisher Kodansha has confirmed that season two will not arrive this year. SelectaVision, though, does put the release in 2017, hopefully in January.

So what's the reason for the holdup on the new season? It seems that the series doesn't want to jump ahead of the manga, which hasn't released enough new material for a full season of the anime. Although the anime could proceed with an original story line separate from the manga, it seems that Kodansha doesn't want that.

There are also rumors that the manga is getting close to the climax of the series, with recent issues having Eren attempting to take down the Colossal Titan by himself. This could serve as an important story arc in the anime, as well, so waiting is possibly a good idea.

Fans of the anime, though, probably won't be happy with this latest delay. The first season of the anime series aired in Japan in 2013, meaning that a new season won't appear until four years after that. Considering most television series get a new season every year, will fans get tired of waiting?

Attack on Titan tells the story of a future world where gigantic humanoid Titans have taken over Earth, forcing the rest of humanity to live in walled cities. But the Titans have started attacking the walls and the people living in those cities, so it's up to an elite group of soldiers to defeat them and protect their kind at all costs. The manga and anime series also inspired a series of live-action movies that were released last year, as well as several video game adaptations.

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