Fender's first line of in-ear monitors (IEMs), which was first revealed in January, is now available for purchase.

The name Fender is known among musicians to represent some of the best sounding guitars and amplifiers. These new IEMs are no exception and boast the same high quality worthy of Fender's reputation.

Tech Times reported that Fender's Pro In-Ear Monitor Series includes five different models: the Fender DXA1 Pro, FXA2 Pro, FXA5 Pro, FXA6 Pro, and FXA7 Pro. Fender has produced all the devices in-house using the technology of Aurisonics, a Nashville-based specialty maker of custom-fit and universal-fit IEMs which Fender acquired early this year.

Early users of the products attest to the quality of the Fender brand of headphones saying that the high price margin for the devices is completely justified. The Fender FX Pro series costs between $199 for the FXA2 and $499 for the FXA7. The basic "budget" device, the DXA1, retails for $99.

Unlike other headphones which overemphasize low tones at the expense of other frequencies, the Fender FX Pro series aims to faithfully present the original sound. Early reviews say that the FX Pro series boasts an impressively clean neutral tone which is highly true to life. This even tone forms the baseline which can be tailored by individual users and musicians to highlight instruments and sounds in the mix for monitoring or music listening.

"The FXA7s I tried out are more than just accurate. They're a joy. I can hear the clap of a wooden block in Feist's "Sealion" that I've never heard before," product reviewer Alex Cranz wrote.

The Fender Pro In-Ear monitors are designed not only for casual listeners but specifically for active musicians who want to use the device as substitutes to traditional wedge monitors or studio monitors.

Unlike wedge monitors, which are designed to produce high volume to cut through the reverberations of the house soundstage, IEMs reduce the outside reverb directly and can provide the same functionality at lower volumes. This lower volume protects the user's hearing while providing fully accurate stage or studio monitoring.

According to Fender, customers can buy the new Fender Pro In-Ear Monitor Series through the Fender website and other music retailers. Hit the video showing Fender at work:

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