GTA Online Combat Week Starts Now, Here's What You Need To Know


Grand Theft Auto V's multiplayer mode GTA Online is still going strong, in no small part because of frequent updates and events like this latest one from developer Rockstar Games. 

This latest event is called Combat Week, and it features a number of discounts on some seriously heavy-duty weapons and vehicles. Powerful vehicles like the Rhino Tank, Buckingham Valkyrie and Turreted Limo are all 25 percent off via the game's Warstock retailer. Players can also save some serious cash at Ammu-nation as well, where all rifles, snipers, body armor and ammo are 25 percent off for the duration of the event.

Players who need a little extra help can also save some money this week when they call in help from the Merryweather mercenary group, with 50 percent off all the group's services, including airstrikes, helicopter backup and more.

This weekend will see three new maps added to the game's latest adversary mode, In and Out. In this mode, one team of attackers is seeking to steal eight packages, while a group of defenders looks to stop them by using deadly force. The three new maps are LSI Airport, Serona Desert and Dignity Village. 

Of course, it wouldn't be a GTA Online event without extra rewards, and Rockstar has a full schedule of what game modes will net players double GTA $ and RP:

Friday, May 13 through to Sunday, May 15 – Brand new In and Out IV, V and VI maps
Monday, May 16 through to Tuesday, May 17 – Cross the Line I, Come Out to Play V and Till Death Do Us Part II
Wednesday, May 18 through to Thursday, May 19 – Extraction V, Beast vs. Slasher IV and Siege Mentality I

In addition, double RP will be rewarded in Deathmatch, LTS, Capture and various other adversary modes over the weekend.

That's a lot of GTA Online goodness to enjoy, and Rockstar is already teasing more to come. The developer says there are plans for large-scale expansions later this year, though it's unclear if these additions will be free or cost money. GTA Online brought in more than $500 million for Take-Two in the form of microtransactions, so it's no surprise to see Rockstar continuing to update and support the game so well. Expect plenty more to come.

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