LEGO: Marvel's Avengers features hundreds of characters from across the Marvel comic and film universes, characters both iconic and obscure. That being said, one major character was missing in action: Spider-Man.

That's finally going to change with the arrival of a Spider-Man DLC character pack for LEGO: Marvel's Avengers, as revealed by USA Today. According to the site, the character pack will be coming "soon" and will feature the Marvel Cinematic universe version of the character played by Tom Holland in Captain America: Civil War

Previous Captain America: Civil War DLC packs have remained PlayStation exclusives. So far, it seems that this Spider-Man character pack will be available on all platforms, just like the Black Panther and Captain Marvel character packs before it, but it's not 100 percent official just yet. It's also unclear if the upcoming DLC will include a new Spider-Man-themed level or if it will simply add Spider-Man and various other playable characters to the game. No pricing details have been released at this time, either.

The arrival of the web-crawler is a welcome addition to a game that is already filled to the brim with fan service. We enjoyed our time with LEGO: Marvel's Avengers, although at its core, it's just like many of the LEGO games that came before it.

Various DLC packs for the game, such as level and character packs themed around Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. television show and the Doctor Strange comics, have recently given fans a great reason to dive back into the LEGO brick version of New York City TT games has created. We checked out the Black Panther DLC just prior to the character's debut in Captain America: Civil War and found it to be a short, yet enjoyable, introduction to T'Challa

You can read our full review of LEGO: Marvel's Avengers here. We'll be sure to update you about the game's upcoming Spider-Man DLC as more information becomes available. 

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