Star Wars Episode VIII is more than a year away, but that isn't stopping fans from eating up every potential rumor and supposed leak regarding director Rian Johnson's upcoming film. This latest rumor, however, just might be the biggest one yet.

Potential spoilers for Star Wars Episode VIII below!

Turn back now!

Last chance.

According to a new video (via Reddit) that supposedly shows upcoming marketing materials for Star Wars Celebration Europe, the subtitle of the next entry in the Star Wars saga will be "Star Wars: Fall of the Resistance."

It certainly sounds like it could be a plausible title for the sequel to The Force Awakens. If nothing else, it would follow a well-established pattern in the original Star Wars trilogy. Just as the optimism of A New Hope is followed by a darker second act in the form of The Empire Strikes Back, The Force Awakens would be followed by the more serious Fall of the Resistance, as the First Order strikes back against the Resistance after the destruction of Starkiller base. We do know that Johnson's take on the franchise is said to be much darker than that of The Force Awakens, so it does match up nicely with what little information we have so far.

Of course, there's no real way to know if the title is real. While it sounds like it could be, the title's predictability could also be a sign that it's simply a fan-made stunt to get fans talking. There's also the fact that Star Wars Celebration Europe isn't until July 15. Though it's definitely possible the official name of the film might be revealed at the event, for marketing materials of such a sensitive nature to leak so far ahead of time seems a little far-fetched.

The video itself sounds like it was shot in a noisy, crowded room. Constant background noise can be heard, which, unfortunately, doesn't exactly help curious fans to deduce where this video could have possibly originated. It is best to take the title with a hefty dose of salt for now, but perhaps we will hear something official when Star Wars Celebration Europe does arrive in two months.

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