Talk about a relaxed workplace environment. A new poll found that employees are passing joints before they pass through their office doors.

The poll from and Survey Monkey surveyed 534 Americans and found that one in 10 people have gone to work after smoking marijuana.

About 81 percent of the workers who smoked before work bought the bud illegally. Recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado and Washington, and is legal for medicinal use in 23 states and Washington, D.C.

An estimated 22 million pounds of marijuana is grown in the U.S. every year.

While about 9.7 percent of workers get high before work, the poll found that 28 percent of U.S. workers have gone to work after taking prescription drugs. And seven percent reported that they pop the pills for recreational, not medical purposes. 95 percent of people have worked while under the influence of drugs that were prescribed from their doctor.

When asked if the worker would go to work after smoking weed in the future, only 1.50 percent reported very likely, whereas 92.13 percent reported very unlikely. Even though most U.S. jobs don't require drug tests, it doesn't mean that employees can't get fired for coming in with red eyes.

A poll from Blowfish, a company that sells a tablet to treat hangovers, found that half of all Americans have worked while hungover. The poll was based on data from 5,249 Americans over the age of 21. The poll found that 52 percent of women worked with a hangover, compared to 50 percent of men.

Waiters were the most common employees to come to work nursing a hangover, followed by realtors, salespeople, police officers and chefs.

Showing up hungover caused 28 percent of people to be late for work and seven percent admitted to messing up an assignment.

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