Earlier in May, former Apple CEO John Sculley stated that he is not impressed with the Apple Watch, as Apple's wearable device does not offer its wearers enough utility.

In addition to Sculley, it would seem that developers are also beginning to have reservations against the Apple Watch, as evidenced by the dwindling number of new apps being created for watchOS.

According to Tim Anglade, VP for mobile database Realm and an app developer himself, developers are not that interested in writing apps for the Apple Watch. About 100,000 developers use the database that Realm hosts, with the apps in the database used by about 1 billion people.

Anglade reveals that weekly, there are only a few instances of apps for the Apple Watch being released. He claims that for every 1,000 apps released for the iOS, there are 10 apps for the new Apple TV and its tvOS and maybe one app for the Apple Watch and the watchOS.

Developers are seemingly more interested in tvOS compared with watchOS. Anglade explains that with Apple launching the first app store for the platform in the final quarter of last year alongside the new Apple TV, developers are looking to establish themselves in the new market.

Anglade confirms that upon the release of the Apple Watch, there was a rush among developers to create apps for the wearable device. However, with the device now merely regarded as an iPhone companion, developers have lost interest.

What the developers would like to see would be the ability for the Apple Watch to run apps independently. Currently, the Apple Watch can only run apps while paired with the iPhone, which hinders a lot of the functionality that apps on the wearable device can provide.

Apple has previously stated that it is planning to allow the Apple Watch to run apps independently, and rumors claim that the feature will be among the new ones to be introduced and a new version of the device will be unveiled at the upcoming WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) in June.

Until then, watchOS will likely continue to lag behind the iOS, OS X and tvOS in terms of popularity among developers.

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