Rocket League, the popular physics-based vehicle soccer game, is available on all the major platforms such as PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One, barring the Wii U.

While the lack of support for the Wii U would seem logical, owing to its comparative lack of power and weak online tools, Nintendo users would be keen on seeing the title's arrival on the gaming platform as well.

Gamers would be hoping that while the Wii U is unable to support Rocket League, the impending Nintendo NX console from the Japan-based company would offer some redemption.

Judging by Psyonix's Jeremy Dunham's response, it would seem that Rocket League could hit the Nintendo NX with cross-platform support.

In an interview, Durham was quizzed about the possibility of Rocket League, which the Wii U missed out on, releasing on the Nintendo NX (when it hits the shelves in March 2017). He stayed noncommittal but hinted at a strong possibility. Durham let on that it is something the developer may consider.

"Well, the answer to that would be identical to whether or not we would support a hypothetical PS4K. It is certainly something we would consider. We consider all platforms, and whether or not they would make sense for Rocket League, whether or not they fit our timelines, whether or not we can afford to make our games on them," noted Dunham, the company's VP of Marketing and Communications.

He added that any new platform the developer worked on meant that it was comprising on the time it could potentially dedicate to bringing new features to the existing versions of a title. This precious time was being invested in a version that the gamers would not even be playing. Taking these factors into consideration was the key for Psyonix when deliberating a title's release on a new platform.

Dunham also noted that whether the community of gamers wishes that the developer bring support for a particular title to a platform as well as whether Psyonix could or should do it is also relevant. The decision to go ahead was a culmination of all these considerations — if the responses were in the affirmative.

We recently reported that Rocket League had benefitted from cross-network play support between the PC and Xbox One. Dunham was evasive when answering whether the Rocket League, which may hit the Nintendo NX, could have cross-platform multiplayer support. He merely said that the developer aimed to make any version for the title cross network. The limitations in the situation would play a pivotal role in whether the support is offered.

Only time will tell whether Psyonix will eventually release Rocket League for Nintendo NX.

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