New Batman, Suicide Squad Game Reportedly In The Works


It's been a huge past few weeks for Batman fans. After it was confirmed that Batman: Return to Arkham will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One later this year, fans now have something else to get excited about: a new Batman game with some Suicide Squad on the side.

With E3 coming in a little over a week, the rumor mill has been churning faster than ever, and the latest product of this mill suggests that a new Batman game, as well as a Suicide Squad game, are in the works. However, as with all rumors of its ilk, this news needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

According to an unnamed source, the aforementioned Batman game is already in development and will shake things up dramatically with an assortment of changes that set it apart from anything we've seen in the Arkham series. For starters, the game will feature Damian Wayne, the son of Bruce Wayne who has been the Batman fans have long been accustomed to playing as.

In addition, not only will Gotham be bigger, but it will also allegedly show more signs of the city's population than ever before. If true, this would be a departure from the "city has been evacuated" plot thread that has been present in earlier games (technically City takes place in a part of Gotham that has been cordoned off, but it was still a part of the city beforehand). Furthermore, the story will not take place within the span of a single night, meaning it's possible there will be day and night cycles.

The setting isn't the only part of this game that will be getting a change - Batman's available tech will also see some tweaks as well. Though it's unclear whether the Batmobile will be playable, the source claims that players will have access to the Batcycle. Furthermore, players will allegedly be able to upgrade the Batcave as they progress through the game. However, what benefits this has for Batman or any of his crime-stopping activities remain unclear.

The rumors don't stop there. As mentioned before, on top of Batman, a Suicide Squad game is also in the works - an unsurprising development considering that a feature film is set to be released later this year. However, as one might expect with rumors like this, there's some conflicting information about it. One source says there's no information about what the game will feature, while another says it will be a third-person shooter that will serve as a direct sequel to Batman: Arkham Origins.

If all this is true, then the question remains: "Who will be developing these games?" Warner Bros. will most certainly be involved, but the verdict is out on whether Rocksteady will participate. With enough money, it's certainly possible, but the developer has already expressed a desire to move on (from Batman at least).

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