Here's a new interesting feature in Facebook: users will now be allowed to upload videos in the comments section of posts.

According to Bob Baldwin, an engineer for Facebook, the feature was developed back in February during the company's 50th Hackathon and then developed over the succeeding months before being launched. In previous Hackathons, Baldwin developed features of adding pictures and stickers to comments.

The new feature, which was announced by Baldwin through a note uploaded in the social network, can be accessed by clicking on the camera button that appears in the comment box of a post. A video can then be chosen among the ones stored in the user's computer.

The feature is currently limited to the desktop web version of Facebook, but users spending most of their Facebook time on their mobile devices should not worry about having to wait for too long. The feature will be included in the next update for the iOS and Android versions of the Facebook app, with the apps to also allow users to record videos on the fly and then post them similar to how photos can be taken and then directly uploaded to the social network.

The list of ways for users to post comments on Facebook continues to grow, with videos now joining that list. Other options for users, in addition to plain text, are pictures, stickers, links and emojis.

The new feature will surely see more videos being uploaded to Facebook's network, which could put a strain on the company's servers. Facebook would most likely have prepared for it, though, so users should not think twice about uploading video comments if the right opportunity comes along.

The new feature is a continuation of the social network's increasing emphasis on video, as Facebook looks to catch up with Snapchat on the number of videos viewed daily on the platform. The company may also be hoping that allowing videos to be posted in comments will make users more comfortable with the medium as a means to communicate so that current and upcoming Facebook features utilizing videos would see wider acceptance and adoption.

Facebook recently entered a partnership with Blizzard to add Facebook functionality to many of its games for the PC, including the recently released Overwatch and the popular trading card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. New features include allowing players to log in to games using their Facebook accounts and broadcasting real-time streams of games through Facebook Live.

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