Everyone agrees that monthly security patches are paramount to keep an ecosystem clean of threats, and it is good to see LG jumping in the OEM-provided security bulletin bandwagon.

With the addition of LG to the band of electronics manufacturers that provide security bulletins for their devices, the Android world is better prepared to fend off threats. The first company that started rolling out monthly security updates was Google, and the Nexus family is always the first that receives them.

Luckily, other tech companies joined it and began offering safety patches with regularity.

After Google, Samsung was next to come up with security bulletins containing the latest bug fixes and improvements, and LG is the latest name to join the pack.

Some might argue that Android updates are all that is necessary to keep the handsets in good shape, but this view knowingly omits a larger issue. Having separate bulletins from each OEM means that very specific bugs and issues that are affecting those brands can be taken care of quickly.

This seems to be the gist with LG's announcement and it looks like the company organized its work thoroughly. All problems affecting LG mobile devices, be it tablets or smartphones, can be filtered and analyzed via the bulletin, with fixes coming on each edition.

One commendable aspect is the way in which LG's security bulletin orders the problems. It does so by stacking the issues by risk factor, meaning that the critical liabilities will be on top, while the ignorable threats will sink to the bottom of the list. In between, users will meet the high and moderate security issues.

The smart layout should provide a quick scope to those who are hunting for relevant information about their devices. Each bug gets described in detail, so users can prepare themselves for quite some informative reads.

LG promises to roll out monthly security updates following the security patches from Google. The list begins with the security patch from May, which the company says contains "33 patches for the vulnerabilities announced by Google."

The company extends an indirect invitation to all actors in the tech scene to help LG's devices become better and more secure.

"We welcome engagement with partners, customers and the security research community to improve the overall security of LG's products and services to reduce risk," LG says.

The Android June security bulletin has already rolled out, which means that we should hear about a new LG security update soon enough.

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