Gwent From 'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt' Is Now Its Own Game


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt recently saw its last bit of content with the DLC Blood and Wine, but the game inside of that game will live on as its own title.

CD Projekt Red confirmed that the Gwent card game played by Geralt within The Witcher 3 will soon become its own game, available on PC and consoles.

After filing for a trademark in Europe for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, the developer confirmed the existence of the standalone game during this year's E3.

"Yes, we were mysteriously quiet after the launch of The Witcher 3, but during all this time we were hard at work on what we just unveiled today — Gwent: The Witcher Card Game," CD Projekt Red co-founder Marcin Iwiński said in a press release. "We've taken all that heart and energy you gave us and put it into Gwent."

Considering the massive amounts of hours that some players spent playing the card game, this probably comes as welcome news. CD Projekt Red stated that, after receiving "thousands of emails in dozens of languages coming from all around the world, the phone calls, the forum posts, and more than 40 fan made versions," it couldn't deny demand for a game devoted to Gwent. So, the developer decided to give players what they wanted.

For those wanting to play, beta sign-ups are now open, with the beta officially beginning in September.

"If you enjoyed Gwent in The Witcher 3, I think I don't have to convince you to sign-up for the beta. If you hadn't [sic] tried it yet, there's no better time," said Iwiński. "Go register, play the beta for free starting from September and share your feedback with us."

In the meantime, the developer released a trailer highlighting the game.

Gwent: The Witcher Card game is also free to play. It involves choosing among five factions during gameplay, while collecting new cards that grant skills and abilities. Players can also take unwanted cards and break them down to create new cards for their deck. Players use their cards to outwit their opponents by using strategies that can win the "war." Players use quick decision-making, bluffing and careful deck construction during a series of rounds that includes three games: the best of the three rounds wins.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game will also feature several modes, including a story campaign, friendly matches and ranked matches.

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