Amid all the political squabbling and cringe-worthy statements bursting out from this year's election season, a young student from Illinois offers us some much needed laughs.

Jack Aiello, an eighth grader from Thomas Middle School in Arlington Heights, Illinois, made the most epic graduation speech ever: he impersonated the style and rhetoric of some of the 2016 presidential candidates, along with President Barack Obama.

He started off with everyone's favorite billionaire, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.

"Congratulations, you are now getting to hear a speech from the magnificent Donald Trump," says Aiello. "And let me just tell you that Thomas has been such a great school."

It's this line that did it: "Quite frankly, it's been fantastic." Chills.

Even the way Aiello talked about foreign languages is reminiscent of Trump: talking about languages from Spain, France and of course, China in an exaggerated manner.

"You know, people say I don't like China, I love China," he says as Trump. "I mean, I love China. I mean, I have so many terrific friends in China."

And although he knows "everyone is loving this speech," Aiello as Trump said he had to hand it over to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

"Thank you, Donald," Aiello says by way of transition. "Let me start by saying this: God bless the great school of Thomas!"

Aiello, as Cruz, talked about his school's creative art classes: family and consumer science, "baking the wacky chocolate cake," or sewing their very own miniature pillows.

And then it was time for President Obama.

Aiello, as Obama, thanked his principal for the terrific job preparing them for high school. His principal had told NBC that Aiello was "hands-down the no. 1 pick" for graduation speaker among teachers and staff.

As former Secretary Hillary Clinton, Aiello thanked the teachers for being their "champions," as they've given them the skills to "get through sixth grade, to get through seventh grade and to get through eighth grade."

"Now we're going to take those skills and apply them to high school!" says Aiello.

But beyond this, Aiello's impression of Sen. Bernie Sanders is the best.

Speaking as Sanders, Aiello talked about how Thomas Middle School has the best cinnamon rolls he had ever tasted, but that he had a problem.

"I do have one improvement for them, though," says Aiello. "We need to make them free."

He posed the question: why should students have to pay for cinnamon rolls? He says it doesn't make sense.

"What we need is a cinnamon roll revolution," he adds.

Aiello's dad says his son has always been interested in politics and has always been good with impressions. While watching along with him and his wife, Aiello picked up a few mannerisms, phrases and gestures of the candidates.

Watch the full video of Aiello's graduation speech below.

Photo: Gage Skidmore | Flickr

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