DC Comics has something big planned for its new Rebirth universe: a major crossover event that will feature one story arc through three separate comic book titles.

The first Rebirth crossover event happens in Gotham City, which will serve as the battleground for "Night of the Monster Men" in Batman, Nightwing and Detective Comics this fall. The Monster Men originally date all the way back to the 1940s: then, they were inmates at Arkham Asylum who were the subjects of a Dr. Hugo Strange experiment that turned them into huge monsters. It seems that DC plans on going back to basics for its first Gotham City crossover.

This time, though, DC promises that the monsters will be even more monstrous.

"It's probably going to be one of the maddest and wildest Batman stories in a long time. People who have read my issues of Batman and Robin Eternal or Midnighter, which is hopefully everybody, know I like a certain brand of high octane, action movie type stories," writer Steve Orlando said to GameSpot. "When Mark [Doyle], Tim [Seeley], Tom [King], and James [Tynion IV] reached out to me about finding something to bring the books together, Monster Men sort of jumped into my head starting with these base images of the Bat-Family fighting something that is just bigger than anything they've ever fought before."

Here is more information and plot summaries for all three comic books from a DC Comics press release.

Part One: Batman #7 (September 21)

Written by Steve Orlando and Tom King with art by Riley Rossmo

"As a huge storm approaches, Batman, Batwoman and Nightwing try and prepare Gotham City for the worst, but nothing can prepare the heroes for the enormous monsters rampaging through the streets! Batman will need all of his allies to unite in order to stop these mad science monsters from tearing Gotham apart!"

Part Two: Nightwing #5 (September 21)

Written by Steve Orlando and Tim Seely with art by Roge Antonio

"The Monster Men are stomping their way through Gotham City! How can the Bat-team take on both these monsters and the storm of the century? And when Nightwing goes behind the scenes to discover where these monsters originated, what he finds lurking in the shadows might be worse than the monsters themselves!"

Part Three: Detective Comics #941 (September 28)

Written by Steve Orlando and James Tynion IV with art by Andy McDonald

"Batman and Batwoman take to the streets in a motorcycle death race against a monster that transforms faster than either of them can keep up! And at Blackgate Prison, something truly terrifying is growing in the prison's darkest depths ... and its eggs are hatching!"

The story concludes with Batman #8, Nightwing #6 and Detective Comics #942.

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