'Socially Awkward' Dog In Pool Party Video Goes Viral: Beya Has Something To Teach All Of Us


We've all been there. All your friends at the party are having the time of their life, but you just want to go hang out by yourself.

As it turns out, even dogs have their socially awkward moments too, as seen in one viral video on Facebook of a Chesapeake Bay retriever at a doggy pool party.

Her name is Beya — and she's a beautiful, seemingly antisocial dog who is just apathetic to the crazy pool party going on around her.

While all the other canines are splashing about, chasing around tennis balls at the paddling pool, Beya simply stands on her hind legs while in water. She stares into the camera, with a look in her eyes that lets you know: "Nope. Not having any of it."

The footage, uploaded by staff from the high-end Happy Tails pet resort in Norfolk, Virginia, has gone on to rake in more than 16 million views and about 76,000 Likes. Well, perhaps because we can all relate to that feeling when, amid all the fun and excitement, we ask ourselves, "What am I even doing here?"

But Beya certainly isn't the first dog to show human-like behavior around other dogs.

In another clip we shared back in 2015, a female German shepherd seemed to be teaching her pup a lesson on obedience, when the little one refused to get a shuteye and let mommy sleep.

Experts say dogs can take on a "watch and learn" approach when associating with humans, a possible reason why they sometimes seem to "mimic" human behavior, even around other dogs.

In Beya's case, while she was never trained to stay in that position when hanging around other dogs at the pool, she may still be aware of her actions in the presence of the people by the poolside.

Jana Underwood, owner of Happy Tails, noticed this kind of behavior in Beya when the 5-year-old canine was first looking for tennis balls around the pool, she shares with PEOPLE.

"Now, she does it when she sees it in my hand," Underwood adds. "We didn't teach her this. She has us trained!"

It's no surprise then that, aside from being nicknamed the "Socially Awkward Dog," Beya has risen to Facebook doggy celebrity status as the "Non Swimming Dog" with her own video tutorial "Non Swimming Dog Lessons" on the social networking site.

But let's face it: even when Beya seems awkward around her fellow doggy spa lovers, this beautiful retriever is just adorable the way she is. Watch this clip:

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