Twitter exploded with comments about Drake's new tattoos on Sept. 24. The 27-year-old Canadian pop-rapper was tagged in a photo by Hollywood tattoo artist Dr. Woo on his Instagram account showing the fresh, new tattoos that had quite a few heads scratching.

Drake got his three new tats from the Shamrock Social Club in Los Angeles. On his left forearm reads the quote, "Everything happens for a reason sweet thing."

On his right forearm is the number 6 in the handwritten style of anonymous street artist Jim Joe, rumored to be a reference to his hometown of Toronto, Canada. Next to the number is the much talked about emoji tattoo with two hands touching palm to palm.

Drake has not officially commented on the significance behind his new tattoos but reportedly, he tweeted about the emoji, which has since been deleted:

"It will be a debate until the end of time ... high five or praying hands ... life is what you make it haaa," he allegedly posted as his Twitter handle @champagnepapi.

Tattoos usually carry personal meanings; however, that didn't stop many fans and non-fans from weighing in on Drake's ink design choice on Twitter.

Most expressed how they thought an emoji was a childish tattoo decision, with many critics even saying he will join the most regretted tattoos club in years to come.

Even the restaurant chain Denny's got in on the conversation, posting their own custom emojis that the singer should use for his next tattoos.

Whatever the thinking was behind his new tattoos, Drake was certainly proud to show them off when he stepped out for dinner at Rivabella in Beverly Hills the very next day.

This is not the first time Drake has gotten inked. His other known tattoos include a tribute to the late singer Aaliya and his hometown of Toronto on his side. The design is the area code of the city, 416, but the 4 was shaded to also resemble a "1," signifying Aaliya's birthday on Jan. 16. He also has a portrait of Aaliyah on his back.

Other celebrities who have gotten themselves emoji tattoos are Miley Cyrus, who got a sad cat on her inner lower lip (ouch!), and Mike Scott who sports several emojis on the court; some of which are an in-love smiley face, a devil mask, and dancing girls on his arms.

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