Enterprise content management platform Box is making it easier, quicker and more cost-effective for businesses to move their terabytes of data from legacy systems into the cloud.

The company introduced on June 29 its new offering called Box Shuttle. Box says that this service will allow enterprises to securely and easily migrate large amounts of content to Box. On top of that, Shuttle is also making businesses' content smarter by applying metadata.

The co-founder and CEO of Box, Aaron Levie, said in a press release that moving a big amount of data from legacy apps to the cloud is a daunting task that consumes a lot of time and tax resources.

"Box Shuttle makes the process faster, more secure and efficient," said Levie. "We aren't just moving businesses to the cloud, we're getting them there faster so they can focus on the collaboration and epic work that will drive their business."

Availability And Price

The service is in its beta stage at the moment, but the company said that Shuttle, along with pricing details, is expected to be fully available in this coming fall. It is worth noting that Shuttle "is available for an additional fee depending on the size of the migration."

Services Offered

Box offers an array of services to its clients across the globe through Shuttle.

Box helps businesses come up with a migration plan to avoid risks usually linked with the process of migration and to make certain that the move is smooth and on track.

It also helps clients in analyzing content, particularly in identifying which files will need to be archived, purged or kept live.

To guarantee security, the company will apply things like metadata, user permissions and retention policies.

On top of that, the company also says that its consumers could track the progress of the process. They can also gain control of their data during the migration.


To date, more than 62,000 companies rely on Box for their specific needs. These firms include Eli Lilly, P&G, AstraZeneca, Schneider Electric and General Electric.

Early Feedback

Toyota USA's Divisional Information Officer, Greg Cannan, provided the company's feedback with regard to Box's new service.

Cannan acknowledged that the migration process is indeed a difficult undertaking and a big pain for large companies that wish to move into the cloud. He added that the firm's service is "truly seamless."

To boil things down, Shuttle is definitely a viable option for companies that want to move their content from data centers to the cloud.

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