While the Pebble is known by many as the first smart watch, these days it's been a little forgotten. Despite this, Pebble just announced a slew of new features for the device.

Among the features are background fitness tracking, as well as fitness apps like Jawbone and Misfit.

Background fitness tracking is always an important part of tracking a user's progress and while the Pebble was marketed as a fitness tracking device, it never could boast this feature. Thankfully, that's changed with the newest update.

The device will be able to track fitness offline, and can hold up to 140 days worth of data without syncing to a smartphone.

The company also dropped the price of the device, down from $150 for the basic version to $99 and from $250 for Pebble Steel to $200.

The company also had a few things to say about the recently announced Apple Watch. The new Pebble website opens with "Breathe, Jony. It's just a watch," referring to Apple's Senior Vice President of Design Jony Ive and the hype surrounding the Apple Watch. The company then goes on to say that the Pebble can get a total of around seven days of battery life, compared with around one day for the Apple Watch and that "Pebble is made by real people, for real people keeping it real."

"Just to recap: We made a watch, we didn't solve global warming," concluded the Pebble website, with a link to GreenPeace that says "Solve Global Warming."

Since the device was first released, the company has sold a total of 400,000 watches, and was expected to sell as many as 800,000 this year. Those expectations were made before the release of the Apple Watch, however, which is set to be released sometime at the beginning of 2015. Apple, in comparison, is expected to sell as many as 10 million Apple Watches in its first year.

The Apple Watch even prompted Jony Ive to say that the Swiss watch market was in trouble despite the fact that only around 6 percent of watch revenue comes from watches that cost less than $500.

A number of other companies have also entered the smart watch market in recent months, including Motorola with the Moto 360 and Samsung, who's most recent offering is the Samsung Gear S.

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