The CW recently announced that Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) will finally become Kid Flash in season three of The Flash.

During last season, Wally got hit with a blast of energy when Team Flash recreated the particle accelerator explosion to return the Flash's powers to him after Zoom stole them. Although it's not confirmed, it's likely that blast gave Wally his powers, too. It seems that he'll discover his new connection with the speed force next season.

When Wally first appeared on the show, no one was even certain that Kid Flash would put in an appearance so soon, including Lonsdale.

"I hope so," the actor said when asked about Wally becoming Kid Flash in a January interview. "My honest answer is that I really don't know. I would imagine that, and I hope that I get to know something about it soon, but things are being kept pretty under wraps, even with me. But I'm sure the day I do try on my suit, I'll probably be posting some kind of big smile on my social media: that will probably be the hint."

The actor did post a pretty happy and hyper video on Twitter on July 2 about going back to work on the series, so maybe that was the hint that Kid Flash was on the way.

The CW recently released a photo of Lonsdale in the Kid Flash suit, which looks a lot like the suit worn by the character in The Flash comic books.

Like the comic books, the new suit sticks with the yellow and red color schemes. However, this suit is not as spandex-looking as it is in the comic books, and instead, it seems made of the same kind of leather-like aerodynamic material sported by the Flash on the TV show.

There's also more detail on the belt, thanks to a big buckle with a larger lightning-like design. The mask, though, looks almost the same.

This version of Kid Flash also has gauntlets over his gloves, perhaps for deflecting rays of energy targeted his way. The top of the suit has more red trim details, too.

Wally wasn't the only person affected by the particle accelerator experiment. Harrison Wells' daughter, Jesse, also got hit by that energy, leading many fans to speculate that she will eventually become Jesse Quick.

Now, though, all bets are off, because in The Flash season finale, Barry traveled back in time and saved his mother, completely altering history and his universe. Viewers won't know how that affects everyone else on the show — or the other DC TV shows — until the fall, when The Flash returns to uncover its version of the DC Comics' "Flashpoint" storyline.

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