Nest recently updated its Nest Cam and surveillance buffs will want to check out how the smart cam will behave in its outdoorsy new edition, Nest Cam Outdoor.

The manufacturer rolled out the new version of the camera, featuring the same simplicity users commended, but also packing capabilities to protect homes from intruders.

Nest also announced that some updates will land on its proprietary app. These will deliver better control over synced devices and sharing, and will feature new alerts when the Nest Cam detects a person.

Mehul Nariyawala, product manager of Nest, says that the latest device is a strong step toward delivering the best security camera on the market.

He notes that the available offerings of surveillance cameras are lacking. First off, the motion light on the rivals' devices only turns on when people stand in front of it and make rapid movements. The second reason Nest is better than most cameras comes from the fact that it can capture both video and audio.

Nariyawala kept the lid on the number of sold cameras, but did mention that more than 30 percent of Nest Cam owners are pointing their gadgets outside, because of both convenience and simplicity. The strongest deterrent for burglars - even stronger than having people at home - is seeing surveillance cameras.

The Nest Cam Outdoor packs the exact software features present in the rebranded Nest Cam Indoor. However, the Outdoor variant is (surprise!) weatherproof and it packs a 25-foot cable.

Additionally, it allows two-way talk, while the Indoor version only comes with audio recording. The speakers are placed neatly underneath the camera, so sound should bounce nicely off your home's walls.

The differences continue in terms of color. The Nest Cam Indoor is black, but the manufacturer delivers the Outdoor variant in white. The reason was mainly aesthetics, but we are not complaining.

The company touts that the installation is simple and intuitive. Nest Cam Outdoor is delivered with a dual-magnetic plate and cable clips, allowing easy tethering of the power cable to the camera.

According to Nariyawala, his company determined that the average user typically places an outdoor camera within a 25-foot radius of an outlet. Those who worry about burglars cutting the cable should know that once the camera is unplugged, a notification is sent to your phone alongside a visual capture of the last thing the camera recorded.

Keep in mind that all recordings get stored in the cloud and every Nest Cam gadget can have its own associated account.

Nest Cam Outdoor is able to tell the difference between simple motion in front of the camera and recognizing people. While a first notification informs users that the cam detected a person, the system is designed to confirm it before it peaks alarm levels to 100 percent.

"We want to give people insights versus deluging them with info," Nest says.

Maxime Veron, Nest's director of hardware product marketing, talks about the advantage of having an outdoor surveillance camera.

"Nest Cam Outdoor brings thoughtful security outside of customers’ homes, helping them secure their property and giving them more ways to watch over their families, even when they’re miles away," Veron underlines.

Using the device is as simple as it can be. Simply switch on the camera and plug it into an outlet, then get online and download the Nest app. Follow the list of instructions to pair it with the Nest Cam Outdoor, select a place for it out of direct sunlight and you are good to go.

The Nest Cam Outdoor presale starts today, and we expect to see the camera on sale sometime this fall.

The gizmo costs $199 and may be purchased in the United States and Canada at Best Buy or via Nest's website. For the lucky ones who own residences in need of more than one unit, packs of multiple cameras are coming later this year.

Other markets that are set to receive the Nest Cam Outdoor this year are the Netherlands, France, Ireland, Belgium and the UK.

Take a peek at the video below to get a better view of Nest's latest camera.

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