The original Dead Rising was, for many players, the first true "next-generation" experience on the Xbox 360. It was a game that truly felt as if it couldn't have been done before: hundreds upon hundreds of zombies filled the screen, covering a massive and varied map in the sort of detail that gamers simply hadn't seen before.

Yes, it had its fair share of problems — the story was beyond generic, friendly AI wandered directly into zombie hordes and trying to shoot a gun accurately was nearly impossible — but the sight of 800 shambling zombies on-screen at once was enough to forgive Dead Rising's missteps.

As of August 2016, Dead Rising will be turning 10 years old — and for most franchises, the 10-year mark is celebrated with either a sequel or a remaster. With Dead Rising 4 being announced back at E3 2016 (or slightly beforehand, if you count the numerous leaks), fans of the series had assumed that this new game would be serving as Capcom's 10-year anniversary celebration.

However, that may not be the case: a set of PlayStation 4 Trophies for the original Dead Rising recently appeared over at Exophase. It's far from an official confirmation, but it would make sense that Capcom would use the franchise's 10th anniversary as a way to sell a new remaster — basically, it's starting to look like Dead Rising may be making its way back to the PlayStation.

Of course, with any leaks or rumors, it's important to take this news with a grain of salt. Capcom has made no hint that a Dead Rising re-release is on the way, and until the publisher makes an official announcement, everything is still just a rumor. Plus, there's the fact that the list looks somewhat less-than-official, with a few Trophies appearing more than once.

There's also the fact that Dead Rising has been an Xbox franchise from the very beginning. Aside from the series' second entry, every previous Dead Rising game has been exclusive to Microsoft's hardware — including the upcoming Dead Rising 4. It wouldn't necessarily be the craziest thing in the world if the original Dead Rising appeared on a PlayStation console, it's just that Microsoft has been keeping a pretty tight grip on the franchise for a while now.

That being said, 10 years is an easy excuse to re-release a game — plus, with Dead Rising 4 on the way, a remaster of the original game could get the hype train rolling early. Assuming that the new game is scheduled for release near its anniversary, August is a pretty slow month for video game releases: it'd be easy for Capcom to find a place to fit it in and still generate some sales.

Honestly, a Dead Rising remaster makes a lot of sense for Capcom, regardless of the system it releases on — now, all that's left to do is wait and see if it's actually happening.

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