Snapchat has been all about rolling out new features to keep its users engaged, such as being able to add 3D stickers into their snaps. Also, while users could already use emojis in the app, now, users can finally add more personalized characters to their snaps.

The popular messaging app announced in a blog post on Tuesday, July 19, the launch of Bitmojis on its platform. Developed by Bitstrips, Bitmojis are cartoon-like avatars that can be customized to look like each individual user to further showcase a particular emotion or reaction. Think of them as emoji characters that resemble the user.

This new feature should come to no surprise to users since Snapchat previously acquired Bitstrip back in March for $100 million.

Now that Snapchat users can send Bitmojis to others in chats and snaps, here's how to do so:

Make sure to first update the Snapchat app for iOS and Android to be able to start using Bitmojis. Users can then either create their Bitmoji character if they don't already have one, or integrate their existing character.

Create Bitmoji Account

For those who are new to Bitmoji, start by downloading the free app for iOS and Android to create a personalized character. Log in with Snapchat and then follow the steps to make a male or female avatar, complete with the desired skin, hair and eye color and outfit. Make sure to then tap the button when finished to link the Bitmoji to Snapchat.

Link Existing Account

Those who already have a Bitmoji can now sync their character to Snapchat by tapping on the ghost icon on the top of the screen to launch Settings. Tap on the gear icon on the upper right-hand corner > Bitmoji to link an existing account.

How To Use Bitmojis In Snapchat

Users can send their Bitmoji avatar and associated emojis in a chat by swiping left to open the Chat window and then swiping left again next to their friend's account. The Bitmoji option should be integrated into the smiley face icon that features the library of Snapchat stickers and emojis.

To include Bitmojis into a Snap, tap on the middle circle button as usual, capture the photo or video, and then tap on the sticker note icon. Scroll to the right to access the Bitmojis.

Snapchat users can also send and receive "friendmoji" stickers when chatting with those who also have Bitmoji accounts that feature both users' avatars in the same scene.

Source: Snapchat

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