The Legion of Doom, Flashpoint, Superman and a new Team Arrow: this year's San Diego Comic-Con brought a lot of new information about the new seasons of The CW's DC Comics-related TV shows.

In particular, The CW released a lot of new information about new seasons of its DC-related shows, along with trailers showcasing what fans can expect once those seasons begin.

From revealing new superheroes, storylines, villains and plot twists, The CW pulled out all stops to share information with fans about what they can expect when their favorite TV shows return to the network this fall.

Here is everything we know about the new seasons of The CW's DC Comics series so far.

The Flash

Season: 3
Season Premiere: Oct. 4

The season two finale of The Flash set up one of the most popular storylines in the history of Flash comic books: Flashpoint. During season three, fans will finally get to see that story come to live-action life: Flash saved his Mom, and now, his life is not the same. Although the series won't include any other superheroes from the original comic book storyline, it still could affect some of the other DC-related shows on the network. However, there is still one new superhero in Central City: Kid Flash, aka Wally West.

Barry's relationships will also change with everyone, as those people are now all different from how he remembers them. He alone knows what happened, and that is a new burden he will have to bear alone.

At the beginning of season three, Barry and Iris barely know each other in this new timeline. Fans understand that they're destined to become a couple, though, and eventually, that will happen.

"They're somewhat on each other's radar and Barry's gonna have to force that relationship," Grant Gustin — who portrays the Flash — said at San Diego Comic-Con, as reported by Collider. "I think we're finally going to see them try and have a relationship work and hopefully it's a healthy and happy thing."


Season: 5
Season Premiere: Oct. 5

Arrow also still suffers from what happened in its previous season, including the loss of Laurel Lance, aka Black Canary. Other team members left town, so Green Arrow is in need of some new allies. Although Thea returns and Felicity remains, who will help them pick up the slack, especially now that Oliver has become mayor of Star City?

The trailer shows a few of the new potential Team Arrow members, including Mr. Terrific (who became an unofficial member of the group last season) and Vigilante.

Black Canary, though, is not completely gone or forgotten. She will show up across The CW DC Universe, including in the first episode of Arrow. The CW also teases that fans will learn about those mystery words she whispered to Oliver before she died on Arrow.

Finally, Arrow teased that this season's big baddie is someone created by Oliver Queen and his previous actions.


Season: 2
Season Premiere: Oct. 10

Fans rejoiced when The CW rescued Supergirl from the clutches of CBS and picked it up for a second season. However, this was the one show on The CW that did not get its own dedicated trailer for San Diego Comic-Con. It seems that much of Supergirl's second season is still under wraps.

The show did get a panel, though, and that included the show's Superman, Tyler Hoechlin. However, don't expect Superman and Supergirl to get along: in fact, the two will find themselves at odds, especially when it comes to how Kara uses her powers.

"Clark has a very different experience of what it means to have superpowers on Earth. He was raised with them and has values," executive producer Sarah Schecter said, as reported by Entertainment Tonight. "We'll get into that."

The second season will also touch upon the season one finale that showed a mysterious pod arriving on Earth: season two will uncover the person inside that, as portrayed by actor Chris Wood.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season: 2
Season Premiere: Oct. 13

DC's Legends of Tomorrow teased the Justice Society of America in its season finale, and that promise will become a fact in the show's second season. The Legends are now the only people left in the world who have the ability to prevent villains from traveling in time and screwing everything up, so they now have a new mission.

However, this time around, they have a more formidable enemy than season one's Vandal Savage. In fact, they have an entire group of enemies to face: the Legion of Doom. The Legends will have to face some of the most infamous villains in the DC Universe, including Damien Dahrk, Malcolm Merlyn, Reverse Flash and Captain Cold. These are all villains previously seen on other series on The CW, so the crossover potential is great.

"For season two of Legends, we decided that the perfect antagonist for TV's first-ever team of Super Heroes would be TV's first-ever team of Super-Villains, recruited from the ranks of Arrow and The Flash's deadliest adversaries," executive producer Marc Guggenheim said in a statement. "Being huge fans of the Challenge of the Superfriends, we've come to call this group our Legion of Doom."

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