I've got good news for all you fans of Twin Peaks out there. Well, maybe the news is more on the puzzling side, actually.

David Lynch and Mark Frost, the creators of the indelible cult classic Twin Peaks, posted identical, enigmatic messages to their Twitter followers Oct. 3. Their tweets probably only make sense to Twin Peaks fans, and yet, maybe even they don't understand what's going on here.

Um, come again? Did they just hint that Special Agent Dale Cooper and the rest of the crazy gang from Twin Peaks will be coming back into our lives by dropping some iconic references to the show? What oh what could it all mean?

Well, no one has any idea at this point, although it's sure to have Twin Peaks fans reeling. Every few months, it seems like rumors about a continuation of the series, which had two seasons on ABC from 1990 to 1991, pop up on the Interwebs, although none of them have proven to be true so far. Much of the speculation about a return to Twin Peaks or new footage shot by Lynch has turned out to be promotional material for new DVD collections.

But if Twin Peaks actually does get resurrected one of these days, it wouldn't suprise me one bit. With its beloved cult status and the multitude of venues to release content these days, be it through a pay-for-streaming service like Netflix or a free one like YouTube, revisiting Twin Peaks seems like something that could actually happen one day.

For years, the more contemporary cult hit Arrested Development was rumored to be returning to TV or the silver screen until Netflix finally streamed its fourth season in 2013. It seems like only a matter of time before Twin Peaks gets the same treatment. Plus, Lynch has said that "the town is still there" in the past. When he's ready to go back, I'm sure there are plenty of people who will join him there.

Or, this could just be Lynch and Frost's way of just messing us, which actually seems like something they would do just to get the wheels of speculation of Internet media turning. Mission accomplished, guys.

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