Gaming and nostalgia are always tied up in a bundle, and fans of antiquated titles from the Commodore Amiga can now relive the golden days.

Fans of pixelated gaming should know that a solid slice of retro gaming action is coming to their web browsers right now. No longer should you fiddle with emulators, ROMs and their kind. Thanks to an initiative from the Internet Archive, a new section containing a huge software library for the Amiga is now up and running.

What's in the box, you ask?

The Internet Archive offers a myriad of games and software from the period, and users can play them by simply clicking on the title that appears into their browser. Keep in mind that some titles take longer than others to load, with some really testing gamers' patience.

Those who are opening the browsers right know should also be aware that a part of the games may not be working, or that their controls may prove them clunky and not worth the effort.

Perusing through the library, gamers stumble upon more than 10,000 games and software, more than 2,000 of which are old school games. Among the legendary titles we count Wizball, Bubble Bobble, multiple Lemmings variants, Marble Madness, R Type, Double Dragon, The Bard's Tale, and Indianapolis 500.

Racing game aficionados know that Indianapolis 500 earned its reputation as the first racing simulator with full bragging rights. However, the much commended follow-up, Formula One Grand Prix is not part of the release.

Some sci-fi geeks will probably rejoice at the prospect of playing Frontier: Elite II again, although the game was criticized for being the "most disappointing sequel ever" by the people at Tech Radar. Those who loved it many years ago can probably rekindle the flame, just remember that the current browser game has its language set to German.

A number of important sports titles are missing from the lineup, such as Sensible Soccer, but there is hope that new games will complete the collection soon enough.

The rollout comes to show Internet Archive's dedication to bringing golden age gaming to modern systems. Internet Archive also revamped MS-DOS games and Arcade titles, alongside a slew of games from Atari.

Those who thought this is going to be a dull summer week, think again. The Internet Archive Amiga gaming library is just waiting for you to go back in time into your younger, fitter, pixelated gamer self once more.

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