Virgin Mobile is building its user base by offering smartphone plans on a zero-contract for anyone who is not keen on getting a subsidized device. This time, the company is cutting down its prices under the assumption that some customers would choose to connect through Wi-Fi over data. With this in mind, Virgin Mobile came up with a $20 monthly mobile plan that includes Wi-Fi only connectivity, 300 minutes of total talk time and unlimited sending of SMS.

The no-data plan may seem appealing to parents who want a cheap and reliable phone for their kids in times of emergency. Many people find themselves busy doing their stuff at home, work or school, which means that the Wi-Fi restriction does not limit them from doing what they have to do with their smartphones.

Apart from the $20 no data plan, Virgin Mobile also offers a tiered plan in various denominations, which would range from $35 to $55. The $35 plan offers customers the option of getting unlimited talk and text with high speed 3G/4G data of 250MB or talk time of up to 300 minutes, unlimited SMS and data of 2.5GB.

Virgin Mobile's $45 and $55 plans may have been carved out of the needs of customers who often travel into several countries. Each of these plans both offer unlimited talk, unlimited SMS whether local or international, and 100 international minutes. The only difference is the mobile data as the $45 plan offers 1GB while the $55 offers 3GB for every month.

Virgin Mobile's new plans are meant to challenge the offer of other carriers. Customers are usually required to subscribe to a cheap and limited plan when they need to get a smartphone from other networks. On T-Mobile, the cheapest data plan offered is $40 a month with 500MB. Verizon offers a smaller data of 250MB at a higher rate of $55. Both plans are inclusive of unlimited talk and SMS.

Virgin Mobile also allows customers to compare prices from other carriers, which even includes various smartphone models to choose from. After clicking the button that says "US vs THEM Compare Now," the customer is redirected to a page where they can select a phone and a plan and compare these choices with carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. The handset options range from various models of iPhone, HTC, LG, Samsung and Kyocera. Upon finalizing one's choices, the customer is advised how much savings he can get for more than two years if he opts for any of the plans offered by Virgin Mobile.

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