Waze is taking things up a notch in terms of helping drivers everywhere steer clear of traffic and get the most efficient routes to their destinations with the new Global Event Partner Program.

According to the Google-owned company, it's partnering up with various organizers and working closely with them to plan out events that typically cause traffic such as marathons, sports meetings and whatnot.

The idea is to provide them "custom access" to its resources, including its traffic management technology and communication channels. In return, it's asking for "advanced and "real-time" info so that the app can provide crucial info to users on the road.

"Waze believes communities can outsmart traffic together. More than 65 million monthly active Wazers worldwide provide critical insights about real-time conditions through the app, and we believe that we should give back to this community of drivers whenever we can," Waze says.

On top of all that, organizers can embed a Live Map on their events' websites, and with that around, visitors can check out traffic updates there.

To start things off, Waze is rolling out the Global Event Partner Program with 20 partners across North America, Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe. It listed down some of them that are in the United States, including the Atlanta Falcons (Georgia Dome), Atlanta Hawks (Phillips Arena), Detroit Lions (Ford Field), Washington Nationals (Nationals Park), Washington Redskins (FedEx Field) and the Rock n' Roll Marathon Series.

Those who are interested in joining the project can head on over to the official website and apply for it. The company points out that by jumping on the bandwagon, partners have the potential to earn more revenue from concession and merchandise sales. That's probably because fans will get to the venue earlier and will be in a happier mood.

Long story short, Waze users who just want to get to somewhere without all the traffic mumbo jumbo during days of big events will find this development useful, and in the same vein, attendees will get all the details they need to arrive on time to an event they're headed to.

On an interesting note, the driving app also received a new feature just recently, taking care of the problems that nervous drivers usually face.

With all said and done, what do you think of this new program? Hit us up in the comments section below and let us know.

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