An analysis of Donald Trump's tweets suggests that differnt people write them. Trump writes the aggressive tweets.

Twitter has become an important part of political campaigns in the recent years. Politicians use the micro-blogging platform for many purposes, whether to take a dig at rivals or wish good luck to the Olympics teams.

Tweets from Donald Trump — the Republican Party Presidential candidate for 2016 elections — have been scrutinized, especially during his presidential campaign, mainly due to frequent misspellings. Trump's tweets misspelled several cities in the U.S., including Phoenix, Oklahoma City and more. He even misspelled Barack Obama's name twice.

Data experts who have been analyzing Trump's Twitter posts suggest that his tweets were written from an iPhone as well as a Samsung Galaxy handset.

Campaign staff members are said to be tweeting on behalf of Trump from an iPhone, while the American billionaire businessman is believed to write his own tweets from his Android smartphone.

David Robinson, a data scientist at Stack Overflow, suggests that the angrier tweets from Trump's official Twitter handle @realDonaldTrump, were sent from an Android device. However, some not-so-angry tweets related to campaign strategy and events are posted via an iPhone.

Reports point that members of the Republican nominee's campaign staff are known to use iPhones. On the other hand, Trump uses a Samsung Galaxy instead.

Robinson's analysis notes that tweets posted by Donald Trump from the two devices have different tones and styles.

"Since other people had noticed this phenomenon before, I did expect to find that the accounts showed different behaviors," says Robinson. "But I was surprised how dramatic the difference was."

Robinson downloaded more than 1,000 Donald Trump tweets and ran them through a language parser and found conclusive results.

"My analysis ... concludes that the Android and iPhone tweets are clearly from different people, posting during different times of day and using hashtags, links and retweets in distinct ways. What's more, we can see that the Android tweets are angrier and more negative, while the iPhone tweets tend to be benign announcements and pictures," added Robinson.

The data expert also found that the tweets sent from the Android device had about 40 percent to 80 percent more negative words than the tweets sent via the iPhone.

Trump has said that he sometimes dictates his tweets to his staffers, which means that the words could be Trump's but he did not type them. It is also possible that Trump has handed over his Twitter account entirely and different people are writing his tweets.

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