Firefighters in Massachusetts successfully rescued an 86-year-old woman who was left behind at a local dialysis clinic after it had closed for the day.

Maureen Perry went to the Fresenius Medical Care in Methuen on Saturday, Aug. 13, to receive treatment.

However, when clinic employees decided to close shop for the day, they didn't notice that Perry was still inside when they locked up the establishment. This left the temporarily bedridden grandmother to stay in a dark room for a few hours.

Perry was taken to the Methuen clinic by staff members of the rehabilitation facility she was currently staying at. When they came back to pick her up, they found the clinic closed. They quickly contacted Perry's family.

Erica Crosby, Perry's granddaughter, said they arrived at the dialysis center at about 5:30 p.m. They found her grandmother still sitting in the clinic's chair in the dark.

"Once she realized she was alone, she got really really scared and she didn't know how long she was going to be there for," Crosby said. "She said she screamed out and said, 'is anyone here, am I alone,' and crickets."

Perry's family called emergency services to help get her out of the dialysis center.

Members of the local fire department soon arrived at the scene and rescued Perry from the Methuen clinic.

After Perry was brought out of the building, Crosby said her grandmother looked at her and her mom. Perry then told her daughter and granddaughter that she knew they would be able to find her and that she loves them.

"It's just horrible," Crosby said. "No one wants to see anyone go through that, never mind someone elderly and already weak."

Perry was evaluated by emergency personnel. When they were sure that the 86-year-old grandmother was in good condition, they then had her returned to the rehab facility. She was later checked by her dialysis doctor.

In a statement released by Fresenius Medical Care, the dialysis clinic stressed that the care and safety of its patients are its top priorities, and that the incident is of great concern for the company.

The Crosby family, however, does not seem convinced by the clinic's statement. They said they have yet to receive an explanation from Fresenius Medical Care about the incident.

Crosby called the clinic's statement a lie, pointing out that if the safety of its patients is its priority, then why was her grandmother left behind.

The Methuen police have now turned the investigation of the incident over to the state.

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