Silent Circle to create Blackphone cousin: A tablet that values your privacy


After releasing the Blackphone for privacy anxious users, Silent Circle is set to launch soon the device's cousin: a privacy-centric tablet.

Blackphone runs on PrivateOS, a modified variant of Android. The smartphone, which was released in June, caters to individuals who are worried about their privacy in this digital age. Blackphone encrypts a user's data, such as phone calls, texts and email.

Now, Silent Circle has decided to hop on to the tablet bandwagon, which seems like a logical transition from smartphones.

Jon Callas, the company's co-founder, has revealed that Silent Circle has a tablet in the works, which will hit the shelves "soon." He also hinted to BBC that an updated version of Blackphone may be in the pipeline.

"Blackphone -- as it is -- is our first device, not our last device," Callas told the BBC.

Callas, however, did not divulge any other details about the upcoming tablet. A strong possibility exists that the tablet may also run on PrivateOS like its cousin Blackphone. He also revealed to CNBC that the tablet will focus strongly on "privacy, security and control." Moreover, the device will be "high end."

If the tablet will be a top-end product, then it will cost a pretty penny like its cousin Blackphone, which retails at $629 (inclusive of one-year mobile plan from Silent Circle).

However, the tablet may face a hurdle in consumer popularity stakes as it does not have Android certification. Like the 4.7-inch Blackphone, the upcoming tablet will be unable to use the Google Play Store, which means fewer apps. However, Silent Circle avers that consumers can use the Amazon app store.

Privacy-conscious consumers may manage without too many apps on a smartphone, but the million dollar question is: will they be willing to shell out the same for a Blackphone-type tablet?

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