British police apprehended a Back to the Future fan in Essex, England for traveling at an insane 88 mph using a DeLorean vehicle. He quickly pleaded that he was not traveling back in time to 1955 and that he was not using the vehicle as a time machine, thank you very much.

Due to his arrest, Nigel Mills, 55, was forced to appear before a magistrate where his violation was dismissed since the police officers who caught him did not show up.

"I wasn't trying to time travel," Mills said. "It was at 11am on Sunday and the road was completely clear."

Authorities were alerted to the speeding vehicle, which reached 89 mph at one point. It was barreling north along the A12 highway around the area of Margaretting. Police have failed to find any other contraption such as the flux capacitor, for instance, which the film has depicted to be a crucial gear when time-traveling.

It must account for the failure on Mills' part to successfully travel (even when he spectacularly denied it) to wherever his destination was. In the film, Marty McFly successfully sent himself to the future using a flux capacitor hitting a constant 88 mph on board the DeLorean invented by the prolific Doc Brown.

Mills was adamant that he was only taking the DeLorean for a bit of a run around. He reportedly paid a hefty $29,000 price for the cult vehicle. Commenting in an interview with The Guardian, Mills explained that he is "a car fan and me and the rest of my family enjoyed the Back to the Future films. When I'm out in it a few people recognize it, they slow down and take pictures — drivers take pictures out of their windows or try to film you and I get approached at petrol stations."

DeLorean Motor Company is an actual car manufacturer famed for its iconic DMC-12 sports car that featured gull-wing doors. The company went bankrupt in 1982.

The Back to the Future film is a cult classic that is beloved even today. Fans, for example, celebrated Oct. 21, 2015 as "Back to the Future Day" since it was the destination date of McFly and Brown's time-traveling caper in the latter part of the film. Nike has also successfully created self-lacing sneakers similar to what McFly wore. The shoe company sold it at an auction to benefit Michael J. Fox's foundation. The actor played the iconic McFly character in the film.

Photo: M.Annette Jura | Flickr

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