Google recently rolled out Allo, a chat messenger app that can tap into machine learning and AI to offer mobile users a slew of interesting options.

We pitted the messaging app against big names in the market, such as Snapchat, Facebook Messenger and iMessage so you know which brings the best advantages to its user.

Let's take a closer peek at what each of the messaging apps can do.

Regardless if we're looking at Google Allo, Apple iMessage, Facebook Messenger or Snapchat, all allow multimedia messages.

Where voice calls are involved, FB Messenger gives its users this possibility, while Google Allo, Snapchat and iMessage are keeping their focus on texting. However, Snapchat and FB Messenger allow video calls. Meanwhile, Google Allo and iMessage do not provide this feature.

You can send audio messages in Google Allo, FB Messenger and Apple iMessage, but are unable to do so in Snapchat.

While Snapchat and FB Messenger do not require your phone number, Google Allo and iMessage ask users to input theirs.

Security buffs should know that Snapchat offers no end-to-end encryption, while Google Allo allows users to tap into an incognito mode for sensitive conversations, making end-to-end encryption optional. FB Messenger and iMessage, on the other hand, feature end-to-end encryption throughout.

Speaking of confidentiality, FB Messenger does not feature any form of expiring/incognito messages, but Snapchat and Google Allo do. iMessage had an attempt to emulate the discretion feature, but it's safe to say that are other apps better suited for this purpose.

Group chatting is available in all four messaging apps, and so are stickers.

When looking at special features, Google Allo's artificial intelligence and Google Assistant clearly stand out. Snapchat can tap into augmented reality and iMessege just got a slew of new features in iOS 10. The iMessge now packs app integration, which allows users to open up apps such as Yelp, Venmo and Fandango, while remaining in the same texting window.

Of the four apps, Google Allo, iMessage and Snapchat lack web support, leaving FB Messenger as the only one that can act identically from a mobile device or from a desktop computer.

Location tracking is a must for Google Allo, presumably to help Google Assistant in its suggestions to the end user. Neither FB Messenger, Snapchat nor iMessage asks for the user's location.


The apps are rather similar when looking at basic features, such as messaging and media sharing. It is worth mentioning that Allo delegated the voice and video calling to the Google Duo app. Google also relies on the Hangout app to cater to productivity.

Keep in mind that Allo has a slight edge over its rivals thanks to its AI, because users can keep the conversation going and still plan a route through Google Maps or review the restaurants in their area.

To summarize, Google made Allo so you have a search engine inside a chat window, something that resembles the app integration in iMessage.

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