Just after more than 2 hours of going live, the "Wrath of the Machine" raid of Destiny's Rise of Iron expansion was completed, as reported by developer Bungie.

The honor of being the first team to complete the raid goes to Clan Redeem, made up of Destiny players EhRoar, FleshCrunch, MagneticRubber, Modern Tryhard, PvT Nuclear and Snead.

Bungie congratulated Clan Redeem on its official Twitter account, displaying the completion statistics of the team with 492 kills, 183 assists and a kill-death ratio of 15.87. The team was made up of four Titans and two Hunters, with all of the players on level 40.

Bungie then congratulated Clan Rival for being the second team in the world to complete the "Wrath of the Machine" raid, followed by Clan Too Scrub 2 Be True as the third team.

The first three teams to complete the "Wrath of the Machine" raid were made up of six players, as is needed for the completion of most raids because of the combination of complicated puzzles and grueling boss fights.

However, less than 24 hours after the raid was launched, a team made up of only three players was able to complete it. The Destiny players, Epicookiez, sc Slayerage and xDom, completed the raid in 3.5 hours, with proof of their achievement uploaded to YouTube.

"Wrath of the Machine" takes place in Old Russia in Earth, with the raid made up of several tiers and stages that require high levels of teamwork, effort and time. The raid is the fourth in the game following the "Vault of Glass," "Crota's End" and "King's Fall," with a recommended Light level of 370, which is just 15 below the Light cap.

Bungie wanted to make raids in Destiny more challenging, as previous raids saw players learn the basics and master them within record times. Each of the bosses in "Wrath of the Machine" features multi-layered mechanics, requiring players to learn different patterns to figure out how to defeat them.

However, despite the revamped format, Clan Redeem was still able to finish the raid with an impressive time, in addition to it being completed by a three-man group.

Bungie suffered through server issues upon the launch of Rise of Iron, as the company was seemingly caught off-guard by the number of players that were logging on to try out the new expansion. The problems have since been addressed, with players now exploring what Rise of Iron offers and completing the "Wrath of the Machine" raid.

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