Getting a VIP badge is easy if users employ Periscope regularly to live stream their events, and we've outlined the process for applying below.

Using Periscope to live broadcast an event has become a staple for many organizations and individuals who have a big social media presence. However, Twitter-owned Periscope is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to attracting more clients.

After announcing in July that it would be updating the service with autoplay, highlights, web embeds and more, Periscope is now gearing to launch a VIP program.

The plans for the VIP program were made public on Sept. 27 on Periscope's website. One of the benefits of getting into the program is the opportunity to be included in a list of suggested broadcasters to follow. Users will also be able to connect with others who have similar interests and thereby get a wider audience for their content.

Even though the VIP program is not yet operational, users can now apply to join and they will be considered when it comes online in the near future.

Users who meet the minimum requirements will be assigned to Gold, Silver or Bronze tiers, and get specific benefits along with a badge.

In the Gold tier the minimum requirements include 100,000+ followers on the Periscope app and an average of 500+ live viewers per broadcast. The silver tier requires 30,000+ followers and an average of 300+ live viewers for a broadcast while the bronze tier requires 10,000+ followers and 200+ total live viewers for every broadcast. All users applying for the Periscope VIP program should already be broadcasting a minimum of two times a week on average.

If users meet the minimum requirements and want the benefits associated with the VIP program they can apply by following the process below:

1. Head to

2. Click on the "Apply Now" button, which will open a Google Docs form.

3. Fill out relevant fields such as the Periscope username, name, address and email address.

4. Additional information such as links to social media accounts also have to be provided before the form is submitted.

Benefits provided to VIP users will vary depending on the tier they fall under. These include care packages that can help broadcasters look their best while streaming, and being listing ahead of others in search results.

Gold tier users will get all the benefits of the Silver and Bronze tiers and they will also be able to collaborate directly with the team at Periscope to improve their broadcasts.

Even though Periscope has become extremely popular since it launched, it is still too early to tell if the VIP program will bring in more users or get broadcasts to more people.

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