Reddit has snagged the popular Alien Blue app and has made it the official iOS app.

Reddit revealed the acquisition via a blog post on Wednesday, Oct. 15, divulging that the "Alien Has Landed." However, the amount for which Reddit acquired Alien Blue has not been disclosed.

"We are pleased to announce that the most popular iOS client for reddit, Alien Blue, is now an official reddit app. It's the exact same Alien Blue app you know and love, plus some bug fixes and an updated icon," revealed Reddit in a blog post.

Alien Blue is a popular app and it is used frequently by iPhone and iPad users to view  

Reddit has revealed that it will not make any major changes to Alien Blue, which will be welcomed by current buffs of the app. Reddit is also offering users the Pro upgrade, which is an in-app purchase and usually costs $2 for free; however, this offer is only valid for a week. Users can also download the Alien Blue app for iPad for free till Reddit integrates it with the app for iPhone and both the apps become common.

Reddit has also chosen to not rebrand Alien Blue and is leaving the option to users.

"Our whole philosphy has been to give our users choice. We've got the reddit AMA app, and alienblue coming out... but we really want users to use whatever they want," said Ellen Pao, Reddit's head of Strategic Partnerships.

However, while the app's name remains the same, its logo has been altered and now sports a round logo with "r" in lowercase on the top left side.

Reddit has also taken on board Jase Morrissey, the lead developer of Alien Blue, who will aid in the development of new features for the app.

The Alien Blue app for iOS is available for download via the App Store. Users who already had Alien Blue will need to re-download it as the rights have been transferred from Morrissey to Reddit. Users who the Pro in-app purchase will need to buy it again.

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