Garmin has unveiled the Vivofit Jr., an activity tracker specifically designed for kids. The fitness tracker aims to encourage young people to stay active, and comes with swim-friendly and durable features.

The Vivofit Jr is powered by a battery that enables 24/7 wearability and has a battery life of one year. The device is built to provide almost everything that a smart band should, especially when it comes to tracking a child's sleep patterns, steps and activities that complete the advised 60-minute play goal per day.

Much like its parent product, the Vivofit 3, the Vivofit Jr. carries a stylish design: it's colorful and eyecatching.

The fitness tracker is sold along with the parent-controlled mobile app that serves as the child's motivator by providing family step challenges and mobile yet educational adventures.

The Vivofit Jr. also offers tools that help the parents in assigning tasks to their kids, and motivates them to earn rewards.

When using the device's task-designation feature, the parents are given the liberty to assign certain activities to their kids. Instead of having to check whether these tasks were completed or not, they can simply allow the Vivofit Jr. to provide the needed reminder.

Also, parents can attach a reward note to every task that they can see on the app. The added incentive gives the child a strong sense of fulfillment whenever they complete a task.

To encourage kids to keep this band on all the time, Garmin has made it waterproof to make sure that users won't have to remove it from their wrist. It is also equipped with a sunlight-readable and high-resolution display and watch functionality.

The Vivofit Jr. is backed by a free app, which offers a trail for mobile adventures. The activity enables kids to unlock additional rewards as they make progress.

The same app also allows the parents to sync the band's information into their smartphones and at the same time add multiple children for them to conveniently monitor throughout the kids' daily activities.

With a price tag of $79.99, the Vivofit Jr. from Garmin can be considered a good buy. The fitness tracker for kids can now be purchased in Best Buy and Target. It is also expected to be available in stores such as Dick's Sporting Goods, Toys "R" Us and Walmart before winter.

With so many other wearable devices on the market, Garmin is constantly innovating and targeting new segments. One example is, of course, the younger crowd. The Vivofit Jr.'s slew of features and functionalities prove that Garmin takes this market segment seriously.

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