The Google Pixel smartphone — now waging a war against the best flagships in the premium smartphone market — snaps the best images ever taken on any mobile phone tested by image review site DxOMark.

For a newcomer, the Pixel smartphone poses serious competition against the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Apple iPhone 7, both of which also sport premium cameras.

The newly launched Phone by Google, according to DxOMark's verdict, is "an excellent choice for almost any kind of photography."

But what exactly makes the Google Pixel camera the best smartphone camera out there, besting even two of the most trusted camera phone brands?

Google Pixel: Highest Rated Camera

For the Pixel to have earned a score of 89, the highest rating ever given by the site, the Google smartphone had to impress on many fronts: from the "very high level of detail from its 12.3 MP camera," as reviewer David Cardinal points out, to the relatively low levels of noise even when testing a range of lighting conditions.

The Pixel's smartphone camera also offers "accurate exposures with very good contrast and white balance, as well as fast autofocus."

5 Reasons Google Pixel Outperforms Other Smartphone Cameras

Derek Walter, who writes for Greenbot, agrees with Cardinal on the quality of the images. After all, "with a name like Pixel, you expect a great camera."

Walter provides five core reasons why the Google Pixel smartphone camera outperforms other smartphones, and these are: 1) performance in low light conditions 2) ability to capture details 3) ability to capture natural colors 4) ability to take snapshots fast and 5) video stabilization.

The strength of the Pixel smartphone camera is best seen in capturing images in the outdoors, even in low light, but it also performs well when taking pictures indoors as seen in DxOMark's proof below, a "poorly lit" scenario:

"Its hybrid autofocus, using both laser- and phase-detect pixels, is also accurate in low light conditions," Cardinal notes.

Google Pixel Smartphone Camera Specs

With high praises from DxOMark and other reviewers that tout "Pixel's versatility in a number of different lighting and color situations," it is no wonder Google highlights the Pixel's camera as one of its strongest selling points.

The Google Pixel and its phablet sibling Pixel XL both have an 8 MP front camera and a 12.3 MP main camera with an f/2.0 lens, phase detection autofocus and laser detection autofocus, "for sharp, crisp images." The devices can also shoot 4K video at 30 fps, on top of other video capabilities.

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