‘Jeopardy’ Host Alex Trebek Trolls Hip-Hop-Loving Nerds By Calling Them 'Losers'


It's usually Wheel of Fortune's host Pat Sajak who is the star of viral clips thanks his hilarious comebacks and snarky jokes made during the show. But it's actually another game show host that is stealing the spotlight for his comment made during a recent taping.

Jeopardy host Alex Trebek proved that he isn't always so serious and knows how to joke around after trolling not only a contestant, but also nerds everywhere who enjoy hip-hop across the United States.

In all fairness, it takes a certain kind of person to be able to compete on Jeopardy. With tough trivia questions that require some serious smarts, there is a good chance the contestants have probably been labeled as nerds at some point during their lives (which isn't such a bad thing since they are the ones taking home the money if they are the winner).

But that didn't stop Trebek for ragging on a contestant for sharing her nerdy interest.

During Oct. 12, Wednesday night's episode, Trebek took a moment to allow viewers to get to know each of the contestants as always. That is when audiences were introduced to Susan Cole, a legislative librarian from Maryland. While that might sound like one of the most nerdiest jobs to have, Cole had no shame in revealing one of her cool interests: nerdcore hip-hop.

For those who aren't familiar with what it is, Cole broke it down to Trebek.

"It's people who identify as nerdy, rapping about the things they love," she said. "Video games, science fiction, having a hard time meeting romantic partners. It's really catchy and fun."

To be clear, nerdcore is defined as a genre of rap that features themes and subject matters that are typical interests to nerds. This might include rapping about Star Wars or computers.

While this does sound like it could be fun to listen to, Trebek knows exactly who are into nerdcore.

"Losers, in other words," he says after a brief pause.

Talk about a burn.

Even Cole couldn't resist laughing to Trek's trolling. And she continued to keep that smile throughout the episode, becoming the winner and taking home $20,600. Cole will be returning to defend her title during Thursday night's episode.

We have to give it to Trebek this time for being quick with the jokes. Looks like Sajak has got some competition (and we can't stop thinking about the two hosts holding their own rap battle).

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