Although it's been 12 years since a new episode of Friends aired, the sitcom will forever live on as one of the best series ever created. And with reruns still being played and past seasons available to stream, there are lots of fans who can remember specific story lines and jokes.

But with so many episodes, there is a good chance that even the most hardcore Friends fan has not seen "The One Where Chandler Dies."

In all fairness that's because it's actually an episode made by Friends super fan Kieran Humphries.

Created by editing various episodes throughout the seasons together, this mashup is described as an "alternate ending to Friends that's at once very bleak, but also existential, spooky and uplifting," this episode is one no one will want to miss.

In "The One Where Chandler Dies," everyone's favorite funny friend gets seriously injured by an ice cream truck. The accident sends him to the hospital, and he doesn't survive.

The video cleverly combines scenes like that from "The One with the Birth" where Joey becomes a birth coach to a single mother while Ross' ex is in labor, along with other popular scenes to reveal Chandler's fate and tell this new story along the way.

In typical Friends fashion, the mashup creator makes light of certain moments, like showing Ross having a laugh after falling in a grave at Chandler's funeral.

However, in this fictional episode, it's Monica who is hit the hardest and spirals out of control. Between her grief and Joey becoming close to Ross and getting romantic with Monica, Chandler just can't sit back and watch from the afterlife any longer. Chandler then returns back to his friends as a ghost, revealing that he hasn't lost his spirit.

While it may sound really ridiculous, the video is cohesive and makes sense because of the scenes and dialog that were chosen and how it's all strung together.

It becomes really entertaining, and it's funny how fitting the ghost Chandler portion of the episode is. Who knew that all along there have been hauntings?

At just more than 16 minutes long, it feels like a complete episode and has a happy Christmas miracle-like ending with a sprinkle of Inception.

Watch "The One Where Candler Dies..." and him in all his ghost glory in the video below.

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