The Google Pixel is rolling out as we write, and reports are already piling up about microphone issues that are plaguing the smartphone. It looks like this is a year when manufacturers are inadvertently packing hardware mishaps into their devices.

The main concern with the Pixel is that the microphone of the gadget stops working without notice. Tests are showing that the microphone is functional in most cases, but an unbeknownst reason causes it to fail, either right from the start or after some usage.

A long Reddit thread is gathering users' experiences with the issue, and similar testimonials keep adding up.

So far, it is unclear whether we are looking at a software or hardware problem.

Techies are looking at hardware issues as the possible cause, since users have discovered that there are some tricks that can get the microphone to work in a predictable manner. One example would be turning the speakerphone on and off during voice calls which, some claim, makes the microphone consistently functional.

Redditor CMDR_Crispies says that they had the same problem with the Nexus 6P, and speculates that the microphone issue could stem from noise cancellation going haywire. The Redditor also notes that his Google Pixel does not seem to pick up sound, except for the camera app, which works normally.

It cannot be vouched that this trick will help every Google Pixel owner out there, but it is worth testing.

Google says that it will offer replacement units to customers who are facing the microphone issue, so if your mic is failing more often than not, you might want to give customer support a call.

Based on Redditors' experience, the company actually made good on the promise and was very prompt in sending exchange phones.

"I ordered a replacement through them at 10:00 p.m. and had the phone in hand at 11:00 a.m. the next morning," Redditor wayfrae notes.

Others were not so pleased to see how fast Google is providing replacement devices.

"Your replacement is arriving before my day one preorder, " Redditor ujaku points out.

Although this shows that Google is determined to offer quick support for some of its customers, it is understandable if others are feeling a bit left out.

A Google community manager joined the Reddit discussion and is urging users to share their experiences in the thread.

Did you face some microphone problems with your Google Pixel? Let us know in the comments section below.

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