A new Candy Crush game is now available on Facebook in the form of Candy Crush Soda Saga. The new game is similar to the previous, but with different features here and there.

Candy Crush Soda Saga will bring forth the same framework that players have come to know and love, and they can experience it right now on Facebook. Furthermore, King Digital Entertainment, the developer behind this title, is hoping to launch the mobile version in the not so distant future.

Bear in mind, the new game is not designed to replace the Candy Crush Saga, but to complement it. This means players can play this new version along with the old one, and that's a good move because there's no telling how many players will find the new Candy Crush as fun as the old.

"We're excited to announce that the next installment in the Candy Crush franchise is now live on Facebook," said Sebastian Knutsson, Chief Creative Officer at King.

"Our long-term strategy is to develop global game franchises which are loved by millions of players around the world," according to the developer via press release. "Candy Crush Soda Saga offers fans new gameplay features and challenges to delight in, and has been designed to complement the original title, which we believe players will also continue to enjoy."

We haven't played it yet, and probably won't until it is available for mobile devices; but from what we're seeing so far, it appears Facebook users are enjoying the game. It might take a while for some players to get the hang of things since Soda Saga has improved graphics, animations, and UI elements, but it shouldn't be overwhelming.

Like every Candy Crush game in the past, fans have come to enjoy what the developer has brought to the table, so there's a good chance this new title might not alienate the longtime fans. We know that King Digital wants both versions to coexist, but in our eyes, this is just a play it safe move, and if Soda Saga should ever take off, the previous game will definitely be put to the dogs.

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