After allowing promo codes for paid apps, Apple now makes promo codes for in-app purchases available too.

On Friday, Oct. 28, Apple announced that developers can now give away in-app purchases promo codes from iTune Connect to press and influencers. The promo codes allow developers to grant early access to their app's in-app purchases, which is a good promotional scheme.

However, there is a limit. Developers will only be able to hand out a hundred promo codes for every in-app purchase item and a thousand for every app. This will reset every Jan. 1 and July 1, according to Apple's FAQ page.

Promo codes will only be valid for 28 days, starting from the day on which they were generated.

How Developers Can Request Promo Codes

Developers can request promo codes from the Features section of "My Apps." An admin, app manager or marketer role is required to put forth requests.

Moreover, promo codes for the latest app versions can also be requested provided that it was approved by Apple and carries the "Pending Developer Release" or "Ready for Sale" status.

Promo Codes For Auto-Renewable Subscriptions

Apple is also granting promo codes for auto-renewable subscriptions, which customers can use as long as they're not current subscribers. Using promo codes, even for auto-renewable subscriptions, won't automatically prompt a renewal, which is a good thing for those who are handed out codes.

Developers should bear in mind, though, that when subscriptions are availed of through promo codes, they will not count for the one year of paid service that entitles developers to collect 85 percent of the subscription price.

Note that Apple introduced a new business model earlier this year in which developers could take 85 percent of the subscription revenue granted that a subscriber racks up a year of paid service, which is 15 percentage points higher than the previous 70/30 split between the developer and Apple. Of course, applicable taxes are deducted.

How To Redeem Promo Codes

Subscribers can redeem promo codes using a number of devices. For Mac and PC, they need to head over to the iTunes Store, click on "Redeem," enter their credentials and input the code thereafter.

Those using an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch need to access the "Featured" section after opening the App store. From there, they need to scroll down to the bottom and find "Redeem." It will require the user's credentials before the promo code can be entered.

"For in-app purchase promo codes, the app will automatically download if the app is free and not currently installed on the customer's device. If the app is paid, customers will need to download the app in order to redeem the in-app purchase," says Apple.

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