A pregnant woman in Australia suffered second-degree burns after she reportedly slept on her iPhone 7 by accident.

Similarly, cases of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catching fire or exploding have been reported far and wide from many parts of the world. The Korean company recalled its new phablet, but even replacement units of the phone were found to be faulty, resulting in Samsung withdrawing the smartphone from the global market completely.

However, Samsung devices may not be the only devices catching fire or exploding as of late. Several cases of the iPhone 7 catching fire or overheating have also been reported in various countries.

Latest Case Of iPhone 7 Overheating And Causing Damage

Melanie Tan Pelaez of Australia wrote on her Facebook page that she fell asleep on an iPhone 7, which was plugged in. She woke of discomfort and found that her right arm was red.

Tan Pelaez visited her hospital and the doctors advised that she suffered second degree burns. Fortunately, no damage was done to her fetus. After treating her, the doctors also asked Tan Pelaez to go home check for the source of burn. After returning home she realized that the iPhone 7 has caused the severe burns. Moreover, the burn marks on her arm also matched the Apple device and the charger.

Tan Peleaz is scared and disappointed because she has been an iPhone user for long, but has never experienced such a problem with older models.

Previous Cases Of iPhone 7 Catching Fire Or Exploding

A previous Tech Times report noted that in China an iPhone 7 Plus exploded when it accidentally hit the ground. The impact made the battery to catch fire and the display of the phone was shattered and entirely detached from the body.

In October, another Tech Times report highlighted that an Australian surf instructor claims that a week old iPhone 7 was the cause of a fire in his car.

Many users have complained of overheating issues with the iPhone 7 on Reddit.

"So who else has an iPhone 7 that gets insanely hot? Most people blame high RAM but mine heats up the worst when charging. Even after only a couple minutes. Mine also got REALLY hot about 5 minutes into a FaceTime call," complained a Redditor.

Apple's Response To Overheating Issues With The iPhone 7

Apple claims that using third-party applications could result in overheating of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. The company also offers a solution to the overheating issue on its website.

However, the regular news of iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus could have an adverse effect on the devices as well as the Apple brand name. Apple has not released any official statement regarding its iPhones catching fire.

The latest-generation of the iPhones has been in the market for only about a couple of months and several cases of the devices catching fire or exploding have been reported. It is extremely important for Apple to provide a satisfactory response to the exploding iPhone 7 issue; otherwise the new iPhones may face the same destiny as the Galaxy Note 7.

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