A new report revealed that if you have Facebook installed in your Android device, you will get a shorter battery life. Once the app is removed, it will prolong the device's power by as much as 20 percent.

Facebook And Android Battery

The problem was spotted in a series of tests first reported by Tech World Zone. The story explained that those tests were triggered by Android Central's Russell Holly's experience. He decided to delete his Facebook app and that decision led him to a pleasant discovery that his Android phone got significantly better thereafter.

Holly's report has prompted other users to do the same. Now, a number of these have been posting their experiences at Reddit, mostly confirming the position that Android got more power as a result.

Some even went as far as conducting experiments involving 15 other apps. Their documented findings revealed that not only did Android devices save battery when Facebook and its standalone messenger app were deleted but that they also performed faster. This is particularly the case in the area of app loading performance.

Delete Your Account?

So should you ditch Facebook for good? The answer to that is a resounding no. Downloading third-party applications that offer Facebook services might just be an effective alternative. For instance, the Metal app, which is a wrapper for Facebook's mobile website, will still allow users to browse Facebook and use its functions without the massive battery drainage problem.

Users can also just browse Facebook in Chrome or any mobile internet browser. Of course, that should work for those willing to forgo key Facebook features available in the mobile app in exchange for longer screen time. But Holly noted that you will only be largely missing the notification feature whenever a new update is posted. According to him, the loss did not really prove earth-shaking.

Facebook's Response To The Issue

Facebook itself has recognized that its app is encountering some issues in Android. According to a Gizmodo report, Chris Cox, central item officer at Facebook, even went as far as encouraging Facebook employees to use Android devices in order to experience how the social media network's app perform within the system. The idea is to put them in a much better position to find solutions to Android-specific problems.

So far, no meaningful fix has been announced except that the company continues to work on the problem.

"We are investigating this and will update you as often as possible," a Facebook employee told Tech World Zone. "We are focused on keeping on enhancing these issues."

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