The world isn't the place it once was. Internet dominates our lives. Cell phones are computers in our pockets. And Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" is the future of music. You can imagine how lost the older generation feels.

What is there to say about Minaj's "Anaconda" music video that hasn't been said before? It's a booty-filled sexual adventure that is a confusing blend of girl power and objectification, but is even more confusing for those above the age of 50. As part of their YouTube series, TheFineBros have done it again by capturing the reactions of a group of older men and women watching Minaj's music video for the first time.

Things start off positive as the men ogle a rainforest populated by wild butts bouncing uncontrollably. Then the lyrics start and things get interesting.

As you might expect, more men enjoyed the video than women. Many of the women, and several men, found the video to promote the objectification of women and be a negative influence for young girls watching.

Many of the men, using the video as evidence, said the world was becoming a worse place for women. The majority of the women, on the other hand, believed the exact opposite, saying the world is definitely a more equal place for women today than when they were growing up. Few believed Minaj's work could be described as feminist.

Who knew Minaj could bring out such an interesting discussion on modern society? In case you are wondering how teens react to "Anaconda," you can watch that video below. Here's a hint: despite the age difference, they are equally amazed/appalled.

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