To take advantage of the holiday season, tech companies are pulling all the stops to market their devices. Apple, for example, opted to poach some ideas from Shakespeare and proceeded on tapping Romeo and Juliet to advertise the iPhone 7 and its camera technology.

Romeo And Juliet

The 30-second promotional video depicted two children playing Romeo and Juliet. It started with a scene set in a breathtaking location. A girl is running toward a palace and then the scene shifted to an indoor shot that has vaulted ceiling for its backdrop.

Everything was quite movie-like and that is what Apple wanted the viewer to feel.

In truth, the clip was about a children's play being captured by a father. At the end of the video, it was revealed that there was no fancy mise-en-scène since the children were actually acting on a stage with no real palace or soaring domes that established the cinematic credentials of the first shots.

But the idea has been conveyed: if you want to preserve your family's best moments in cinema-quality videos, iPhone 7 has you covered.

Let us take a look at iPhone 7 and 7 Plus' camera technologies if they could really walk the talk.

iPhone Camera Specs

Both iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus sports optical 12-megapixel sensors. The Plus variant has a second sensor that is capable of wide-angle and telephoto features. Both devices also have new image signal processors, optical image stabilization, and wide color gamut.

These collectively led to improved performance in comparison with previous models. As has been implied in the ad, they also underpin the iPhone 7 Plus' studio-like camera capabilities.

Apple Holiday Ad And The iPhone's Future

The Romeo and Juliet advertisement follows the latest holiday ad from Apple called Frankie's Holiday. This ad is longer and is headlined by Frankenstein in a heartwarming story that explores the theme, "open your heart to everyone." The video also focuses more on the iPhone, which is a slight departure from previous Apple holiday ads that tend to promote all of its devices.

It seems that Apple is really pushing its smartphones harder this year and beyond. Analysts believe that 2017 could be a very good and record-setting year for the company based on reports that Apple is preparing a huge upgrade cycle that could possibly include as much as 150 million units.

The upcoming iPhone 8 is rumored to be rocking a premium OLED display and a completely redesigned form factor.

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