Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey conducted an interview through video conference with the controversial whistleblower Edward Snowden last Dec. 12. Snowden became controversial after releasing classified information from the National Security Agency in 2013.

It is unclear how Twitter managed to bag an interview with the whistleblower. The interview was streamed live on Periscope and can now be viewed by those who missed it.

Snowden And The Interview

Snowden's case had gained global interest. Despite hiding in his undisclosed location he still manages to resurface every now and then through video feeds and the live Twitter interview last Dec. 12. To access the watch-only video, anyone can visit the Twitter page dedicated to supporting the whistleblower with the handle @PardonSnowden. The video link was provided on the page. For those who prefer to interact and comment on the content will have to download Periscope on their iOS and Android devices.

Snowden's Supporters

Despite his controversial stance on the political system of the United States, Snowden received a surprising mix of detractors and supporters alike. Actress Alyssa Milano shared the live interview link while Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who played Edward Snowden in a movie, categorized the whistleblower as an "extreme" patriot. Last September, Fortune reported that the Twitter's CEO himself reportedly endorsed the campaign to lobby for Snowden's pardon.

This ushered in a link between Snowden, who joined Twitter in December 2014, and the social media platform CEO. Snowden sent a Tweet saying "Can you hear me now?" to which the Twitter CEO replied, "Yes, welcome to Twitter." More than a year after that, Snowden agreed to an interview with Twitter's Jack Dorsey.

Privacy And Fake News

The elusive whistleblower warns against fake news and the responsibility of the users to help curb the problem. "We need to make sure that our best responses to lies, the problem of fake news, isn't solved by hoping for a referee, but rather because we as participants, we as citizens, we as users of these services help each other," Snowden said during the interview. "We talk and we share and we point out what is fake. We point out what is good," Snowden added.

The whistleblower also warned against the use of Google Allo earlier this year. Although he is currently hiding in Russia, Snowden is known for his surprising appearance just like what he did in this years CES through a screen-on-wheels robot.

To watch the video, visit the Twitter handle @PardonSnowden to get the link of the Periscope interview.

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