Nintendo's Super Mario Run is now available for free download on iOS devices. Meanwhile, Android users are being warned against the download and sideload of APK databases because they turn out to be malware or viruses.

Nintendo's gaming app Super Mario Run was based on the gaming company's popular computer game, Super Mario Bros. The app was released last Dec. 15; however, it remains exclusive to Apple devices run by iOS.

Super Mario Run On iOS

Nintendo partnered with Apple for the exclusive release of the gaming app. Mario's creator Shigeru Miyamoto introduced the game last September when the iPhone 7 was launched. The game required always-on internet connection. The first three levels are free and in order to unlock 24 courses, players need to pay for a one-time in-app purchase amounting to $9.99.

Warning Against APK Download

Some APK databases are preying on the vulnerability of Android users desperate to try the game. Experts reiterated that the game is not yet available on Android devices, therefore sideloading is discouraged.

"As Nintendo's second foray into mobile gaming with one of their lead franchises, Super Mario Run is immediately going to be a prime target for attackers trying to exploit its code — especially with the number of users which will be downloading this game," app security company Axran vice president of research, Aaron Lint said. "Just as with the previous smash hit Pokémon Go, we anticipate the appearance of corrupted fake apps used to spread malware," Lint added.

The Game

Super Mario Run can be played with just one hand. Tapping the screen will make Mario jump, tapping the screen longer will make the character jump higher. Mario will automatically dodge small enemies but the user may score additional points by synching a jump while he evades an enemy. Also, a Super Mario game will not be complete without coin collecting. There are three parts in the game, namely: the World Tour mode, Toad Rally challenge and the Kingdom builder.

No matter how fun a game is, nothing is worth compromising a whole lot of data on someone's smartphone. Downloading a fake Super Mario Run APK may compromise existing data and may spread malware on devices. This means that there is one option left and it is best for Android users to wait for the official release of Nintendo's Super Mario Run app on Google Play Store.

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