The hit mobile game of the moment, Super Mario Run, has now popped up on Google Play but the only option for now is to pre-register.

The Android version of the game is not yet live, which means that although it's listed on the Play Store users can't download it and start playing just yet. At the very least, it serves as confirmation that the popular mobile game is indeed headed to Android, albeit it remains to be seen just when it will go live.

Super Mario Run Mobile Game

Nintendo stirred great hype with Super Mario Run, its first true mobile game, bringing one of the most popular game characters ever to the mobile era. Apple demoed the game on-stage at its iPhone 7 launch event back in September and Super Mario Run officially launched on iOS a couple of weeks ago, drawing more than 50 million downloads in just a few days.

Despite its huge initial success, however, Super Mario Run apparently started to decline already, no longer ranking as the top-grossing app. While the game is currently considered among the top iOS apps available for free, it also drew some heavy criticism over the fact that it only offers limited content for free.

More specifically, the game is free to download, but fans who want to enjoy the full experience with additional content have to pay a hefty $9.99 to purchase the full game. Nintendo shares plunged as a result, and the fact that Super Mario Run requires an always-on connection to play fueled even more criticism.

It remains to be seen whether the Android release will prolong the Super Mario Run hype, or whether the high price of the full game experience will limit its success.

Super Mario Run Android Release

Android users eager to play Super Mario Run can now pre-register their interest on Google Play and receive more information when the game is ready to go live. It remains unclear just when that will happen, but it may take some time.

Apple allowed fans to pre-register for the iOS version of the game as well, and the pre-registration phase lasted for three months. That doesn't necessarily mean the Android version will take just as long to hit the scene, but it's a possibility.

In the meantime, Android users have discovered an unofficial version of Super Mario Run called Super Plumber Run, which mimics the game experience for the Android ecosystem. Other than that, there's currently no option to play Super Mario Run on Android, but we'll let you know as soon it becomes available.

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